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wiring problem.


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hello. i am rebuilding a guitar and right now im trying to get the electronics to work. heres the parts im using:

a bridge and a middle pickup from a strat copy

a toggle switch ala les paul

a 500k voulme pot (yes, i know its too much, but i just want to test play the guitar)

an output jack

ive used the schematic described here: http://www.seymourduncan.com/website/suppo...vol_1switc.html

but applied it on a toggle switch instead.

im pretty sure ive done everything the right way.

today i was trying it out by placing the pickguard everything is mounted at close to the strings of another of my guitars. but there were no signal!

another strange thing i noticed was that the volume pot worked quite odd. when on zero, nothing unusual happend. as i turned it up the intensity of hum grew. but when i started to reach the maximum, it became quiet again!

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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