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Fretboard binding


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With my current build I would like to have fretboard binding but I can't decide what steps to take, what I should do first. It seems most people put the binding on before gluing to the neck. They even take the fretboard off to put binding on

So first up - I am not removing the fretboard off this thing!

I am thinking of doing in this order

1) Router the edges

2) Cut the fretslots

3) Glue the binding

4) Router the Neck Profile


You see I usually router the Neck Profile next. But has anyone got any suggestions on the order of work to do? Here is a photo of the neck in question



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Definitely no need to take the fretboard off!

Your order seems logical to what I've seen done. Route the channels on the fretboard, cut the slots, glue the binding, level the binding with the fretboard and sides. You could also radius the fretboard prior cutting the slots, that would allow for cutting the slots radiused as well.

I've never routed the neck profile so if that's how you've done it previously I can't argue against that.

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