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dimarzio clip lock

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guys, i have a clip lock strap on my guitar, and its been good for the last few months. but today the screw decided to pull out :D . I remember reading that the way to fix it involved toothpicks and glue, but i don't want to just go try something and mess it up. Anyone done this before?

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It depends on how bad the wood is screwed up.

Have you seen Steve Vai's "Evo" on Vai.com?

That is some major damage!

If it's just a question of the wood being "stripped" then you just have to use the toothpick method.

Put some wood glue on a napkin, and drag your toothpicks through the glue.

You don't need to have glue dripping from them, just a good coating.

Then insert as many as needed to fill the hole.

Cut off the excess and let the glue harden before putting the screws back in.

That should do it.

Now, if you have some major damage, you may have to drill it out, and then plug it with a dowel...

Not pretty, but it's just wire and wood, right?

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hello,, wood glue and a dowel rod???? by any chance :D

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