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Second hand pickups


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I was bidding on an EMG Het Set on eBay.  I was prepared to go about £110 but the winner paid £119. 

Considering an new set is £175 I thought £120 was a bit steep for them.  I had messaged the seller and he revealed some more detail on their condition.

i find sometimes used guitar equipment doesn’t really drop its value from new.  Great when trying to sell something...not as good when trying to buy cheap.  Unless I can get a bargain I won’t buy used, in this case I’m just going to buy new.  I’ll wait now until after Christmas, although they are unlikely to be in any sales, I’d kick myself in the off chance. 

when I’m building a new project I want new items where it’s reasonable to do so as the guitar, at least in my eyes, should be up to the standard of a new guitar off the shelf.

anyone else have the same attitude?

having said that I bought a Floyd rose original used for £85.  At that price I couldn’t pass on it even though used bridges can be a risk.

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I bought a used (almost new) set of 58/15s for a customer build a couple of weeks ago for £200. In this case. you can't buy new 58/15s unless you buy a new PRS. Based on how much PRS charge for 57/08s and 59/09s (£400) the price was a bargain so I went for it. Also the guy said I messaged him within 2 mins of him placing the ad and several other people wanted to buy after I sent the money. Same situation with the used drum sander I bought, he said I bought it within 5 mins of him posting the ad and people offered him cash unconditional without seeing after I got their first. Both these things came from facebook market place, it's a much better place to buy bargains IMO, their dodgy algorithms are great at showing you stuff you're interested in.

Something else to factor in when buying parts, a lot of it comes from USA etc. so when buying new there is often the chance of paying extra handing + VAT when they arrive in the UK. I just took delivery of 2 gorgeous ziricote carve tops from North Carolina for £290 including shipping which was a bargain. But a slip came through the door saying I owed HMRC £45 before they were delivered.

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Aye, customs can be hit or miss.  I got a Yoshimura motorbike exhaust for about £300 new from US.  Customs must have missed it as I didn’t get charged but here they were around £600 so lucked out.

I don’t think I got charged for the Floyd Rose I ordered off their own site a few years back.  I think the smaller items can slip through a bit easier.

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