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Nigerian Satinwood


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I've just placed an order for some Nigerian Satinwood. There's a good example on the gallery hardwoods link (in the resoarces area. Once I saw this wood, I had to try to work with it.

GalleryHardwoods Search for Satinwood and you'll find it. I just love the way the figure runs like ribbons at a 45 degree angle to the grain. Sweeeeet.

And I got it for 1/5 that price. :D

It's going to be the top for my next project. Any ideas for finishing options? Tobacco burst, Cherry burst?

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That's gonna look sweet, what kind of body are you going to put it on?

Not sure yet. The pieces are huge, so I could even veneer a bass body if I wanted. I also will have enough material that I can do both the front and the back. Yummy.

Tempting to try out a Les Paul or a PRS style. Any suggestions?

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