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Its definitely a Gretsch design , I don't think anyone else employs the use of 2 switches on the upper bout. Unless someone copied a Gretsch design. I don't think the pickup is supposed to be angled either. I would check under the pickguard and look for the original pickup mounting screwhole. I'm surprized that there is no real identification on the guitar, nothing on the headstock and no sticker inside? Not even any markings on the hardware?

Look thru the electric archtop section of the website from my earlier post. I found a few guitars that closely resemble yours but not quite. There are others with only descriptions and no pictures. There should be some features/dimensions that should match up. For instance, a lot of the electric archtops featured have "thumbnail" fretboard inlays, whereas, yours does not. They also have a "zero fret" near the nut, can't tell from your picture. The closest match is the Viking.

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Better pics would help.

Better pics of the whammy plate, a clear pic of the headstock, clearer pics of the pkps themselves and a pic of the back where the neck joins would all help.

Also, if you have a thin mirror, or one of those telescoping mirrors, you can look inside with a flashlight at the bottom of the top, maybe some more information/numbers in there.

Is the neck a bolt-on or set-neck?

The design is very much a Gretch design, but there's 'something' about it that says maybe Epiphone or Import to me, hard to describe. Like a '60's or '70's Gretch knockoff.

But not definitely. It has enough features of a real Gretch that I wouldn't rule it out as being the real thing yet. Remember, it's probably over 20+ years old, lots of things can happen in that time, pkps changed (slanted) bridges changed, etc...

Not sure until we have a bit more info. I would lay money that it is a '70's model tho..

Yours seems to have the body shape of a Viking, far right in pic, (as Southpaw already stated) and the electronics and pickguard of a Country Club, second from left in pic.

The switch at the very bottom of yours, next to the whammy plate, does that act as an on/off switch for the whole guitar? It is called a standby switch, but really is an on/off switch. That would be a clue...

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Ok, here we go. Sorry for pic quality but the details are visible.

This is the Bigsby


Here is a pic of the body


This is the headtsock, looks like someone painted it on there


Not sure if the knobs help date it. or Authenticate it.


The neck is a bolt on, but the plate has a model number not consistant with Gretsch numbering.






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Hmmmm, I'm not saying either way yet, but those pickups (which can be changed out, so they're not a perfect indicator) are 100% EXACTLY IDENTICAL to an old knockoff Epiphone hollowbody I used to have that was shaped -just like yours-.

And I don't know if real Gretches ever used a bolt-on for a hollowbody, my Epiphone did tho...that is a little suspect...I might take a stab that some things have been done to it...the pkps not fitting the pickguard properly doesn't jive...

Don't know either way, but I kind of have my doubts.

The headstock logo looks weird for a Gretch too, but I'm no expert on Gretches either...

Notice the location of the upper strap button on yours, it's in a completely different place than on the Gretch Viking, I would expect that to be the same for the same shaped body...hmmm...

Still not ruling it out as a real Gretch that's just been tampered with tho... :D

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