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Under $50 finishes


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Saw Kirk's urban assalt ESP figured I would add this one into the mix of finishes under $50



All told the most expensive part was the Stew Mac polishing compound's

Anybody else have some quicky's?

Maybe I should start a contest to see who get's the coolest looking at the lowest price :D

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Guest AlexVDL

Yeah... look at my gothic mock ;-)


Just black stain, and tung oil!

It costed me around one buck :D

(okay okay... if I had to buy the stain and oil it would have been a bit more, but I think still less than $10)


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Well, the Planarian Jellycaster (only slightly louder than the Paisley Telecaster) used a lot of stuff I had laying around. The main investment was 6 cans of spray lacquer for about 4 bucks each. That's $24.

The MC Escher paper, spraymount, transparency, paint pens, sand paper, and brasso (rubbing compound) might add up to another $25.

It's not all done yet, I'll post pictures when the whole kit is done. Should be soon.

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I tried a number of different things, just like I did for the custom logo. No surprise, I used that 3M photomount again to attach the paper. Everything else made the paper swell and ripple. The photomount is a dry adhesive and has worked for me in the past to hang posters on foam core (some of them many years old now).

The secret from there was to put a number of dry coats of lacquer over the paper. By dry, I mean to just lightly spray the clear coat over it. If you spray enough so that it looks wet, it soaks through the paper and softens the adhesive. If you do that, the paper swells up and wrinkles. Yuck. After a number of dry coats, I started to really load the clear on.

No problems so far. I've also taken many more pictures along the way. So, I'll post them in detail if you or anyone else is interested. I just keep waiting for someone to say, "OH NO! DON'T USE PHOTOMOUNT!" :D Surely, I have not stumbled into another thing that hasn't been tried.

As for when it will be done, I'm going to add the last of the black lacquer and the clear coats to the body by this weekend, which means I should be ready to wet sand and polish by the following weekend. Putting the pieces together shouldn't take too long, so you should be able to see and hear it by Valintines day! Woo Hoo!

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