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Dice knobs

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Hi i was looking at the dice knobs from guitar bones but they are an outrageous price can these be made just using regular dice if any knows the size of the bit that should be used for a 250k pot please let me know, i found a site that sells some nice dice but would the material work


I also foud a site which sells the same sort of dice that www.guitarbones.com has on for 28.00 they can be found at http://darkelf.bizhosting.com/koplow_pair_...ity_sealed.html for 8.95 but theres no hole

thanks alot

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I helped a friend make dice knobs about 14 years ago. I think he got some of those "sleeves" that convert a split shaft to a 1/4" solid shaft. We drilled a hole in the dice, then he pressed that sleeve in. Might have used super-glue to help it stay snug.

I would imagine we used a 1/4" bit, but maybe it would be better to use a bit slighty under-size of that. depends on the diameter of the sleeve thing.

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i just got some of those a little while ago from a local guitar shop for like 4-5 bucks i think. i know it wasnt much. the only problem with them is they are very hard to get to fit on some knowbs. the hole in the dice isnt wide enough and i actually had to get an exacto knife in there and scrape it out til it was wide enuf. but now it works, although i dont think they look very cool once they'r on there.

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