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The problems you'll find with vinyl stickers is that they are too thick - you will feel the 'edges' when you play and it'll get really annoying :D

Also, sweat will get under the edges of the stickers and they will peel eventually - you may also find you get a build up of gunk around the edges of them.

If you're interested, we can make up any designs as waterslide decals, these are only a couple of microns thick, so you can easily seal them with spray lacquer to protect them - you wont be able to feel them under the lacquer and they'll stay looking good for years.

Nip over to our website at www.thedecalshop.co.uk and download the fitting guide from the main page - this explains how to apply the decals and lacquer over - the guide is for a headstock, but the process on the back of the neck would be the same.

If you're interested, let me know what sort of designs you're interested in and we can get something sorted out for you.


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Yeah that's my experience...

Also if you leave them on for a while the glue residue is a real pain to remove...I actually had a UPC on the back of the neck of mine...after removing it and cleaning it it took a few days before it felt as clean as the rest of the neck...

Waterslides would be a cool idea if you're wanting something permanent...

How big a decal can you do...I've been weighing the options between getting a decal printed or making a template and painting it...it'd just be monochrome lineart...maybe 6x6 at the largest...

and do you ship to canada

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