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Hello all .... :D

I picked up a decent deal on Jackson PS2 ... It's decent for what I paid for it... however I'm looking to replace the JS 500 double locking trem with something better quality .... I'm just trying to get an idea of what I will need and how much additional routing might be needed. The less routing the better B) Not that I would want to ... I'm just not set up for any routing yet... (tools... space... bench.. etc..etc) I'm just starting out ....

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opps... I Hiy th wrong key !!!! Damn...

Anyway... Any ideas on a trem unit that will be a "not so bad" install ??? Thanks guys.... I'm hooked on this site!!!!!!!

Anthony ...

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OK I'm a little lost... I did compare the the size of a OFR and it

seem very similar as far as I measured with my digital caliper ....

But where do I find a pic of "your" new one ???? I'm new here and mybe I am missing something....

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