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hi everyone!!!


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if i wanted a nice faded dye look like on gibson faded guitars ,would i get unfinished bodie sand it,use spray gun light coats then clear coat with spray gun?

the reason i ask is i'm lefty and i'm sick & tired of paying an arm and leg for guitars that cost rightys half that price and well i have time and tools to do this just never put a guitar together ..seems simple for basic electric guitars painting only thing i'm kinda new at

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if you want some great finishing advice PM drak.. not to say that most people dont know what they're talking about because most of them do. Drak and LGM guitars are both finishing gurus. also check out reranch guitar finishing tutorials...

Welcome to the forums and good luck!

Sam Fisher

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heres the pm i sent i figure could hurt posting it...

heres the deal i have mahogany sg guitar bodie unfinished i got of ebay all routing is done already..

i just have 3 questions and ill leave you alone .

1.if i wanted to dye this guitar a nice ghost gray,is this steps i'd follow

1 use filler and of course sand it

2 add sand sealer and sand it

3 apply dye darker at first so grain of wood would show up better. sand it then apply ligher colour for disired colour

4 apply clear coat up to 12 or more times and dont sand till final coat has dryed use 400 fine paper

then buff polish..and i'm done.. so are these steps right?

2.is there anything i'm missing?

3.any tips i need to know about the wood in question or anything ?

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This may help - I refinished a LP Junior in transparent grey ( similar to the Joe Perry model, but lighter ) - it had a flamed maple top added so I wanted to bring out the grain on it as well.

I used a couple of drops of Colortone stain in a glass of water, and applied this straight to the wood - as the stain was so diluted it gave a very pale grey finish - the grain of the wood naturally soaks up more of the stain anyway, so these areas are darker and show up more. Then just clear coated and it looked great.

On Mahogany I'd be careful with the grain filler you use, as some will come out as dark spots if you put the stain on too wet - best to dip a rag in the stain, and then wring it out until its almost dry and then apply - this puts the stain on very dry and gives you more control of getting a nice even layer.

If possible, go to your local wood supplier and ask for a few offcuts of mahogany as close to the natural colour of the wood on the guitar and experiment a bit first.

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It will be difficult to obtain a faded grey finish with a wood like mahogany. It would be much easier with a maple or alder.. I think there is a bleaching post running right now..check that out. If you can lighten up the wood, you would have better luck with with the finish you're trying to achieve.

Based on your earlier post, lets see if we can help you a bit - and we'll see what Drak has to say as well. By "filler" be sure you get grain filler...not wood filler (i've seen it happen kids..) Don't use a very light filler, as it shows up like little white dots all over the guitar...dark is better. Wipe on, scrape off (use old credit card) and sand after dry...2-3 coats are typical.

If you want the grain so show through darker than the rest...don't apply a sealer coat yet. Dye (not stain) the wood directly. Then sand this back so that the dye in the grain is all the remains (again, mahogany not the best for this application). After that THEN apply the sealer coat, sand flat, apply dye, apply finish.

Applying dye to the sanding sealer coat is a trick I often use, but it's tricky...you can't sand it. It's comparable to dying a piece of glass...the smallest scratch will remove the dye and expose the wood underneth...this has been a real headache when doing something like a sunburst finish and you scratch the surface...time to start over! Hope this helps.

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