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Do I go CNC or hand tools for my first guitar?

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I am trying to find places that offer CNC machine use and either they're open two days out of the week or I pay a membership and learn how to code CNC (not really my forte) or I do it by hand. Neither of these I have ever done before, but I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars by the hour for CNC or CAM or CAD work when I can do it myself and learn as I go. I know the basic steps, plane the wood, cut a route for a truss rod, attach neck to fingerboard, shape neck and all that fun stuff. However, I don't have a solid guide for a step by step on how to build a guitar neck. Is there a PDF or article I can follow? I really need help and I am really anxious about this.

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You should first learn how to do it by hand just to learn the basics and there's quite a lot to be learned. The best CNC coder in town can't do much if he doesn't know how a guitar should be built. CNC is just a tool among other tools, only faster if you're going to build tens or hundreds of similar guitars.

If there's a guitar building course in your neighbourhood, join it. Having someone to guide you just when you need it is better than any forum.

Read Melvyn Hiscock's "Make Your Own Electric Guitar".

The facet method is the easiest way to create a usable neck profile, this is one of the many sites I found by Googling for "guitar neck facet method": https://koentoppguitars.com/blog/carving-a-guitar-neck-with-facets/


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