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worried about wearing my mask wrong


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Hey Y'all, so I am kind of concerned about how I wear my mask. I wear an N95 mask that I reuse and I don't have many issues with it. I can smell somethings sometimes like if I am sanding out paint or soldering. I am concerned I am hurting my lungs because even though I am wearing it, I am not wearing it correctly. I do check because I can't blow out of it and my breath doesn't escape it. However when I wear glasses, my glasses fog up sometimes. Is that normal when wearing an N95 mask that is properly over the nose and mouth?

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A fibre mask won't sit on your face as tightly as a rubber/silicone mask. That's not too big of an issue, though, as it will sit on tighter when you inhale - you're basically sucking it against your face. When you exhale, the air tries to find the easiest way out which often is from the sides unless your mask has a vent for exhaling. The leaking makes your lenses fog but as said it's air coming from your lungs. The protection rate of N95 respirators is about 95% which is very good.

However, since you're going to build more than just one guitar, getting a good rubber half mask with replaceable filters will both sit on your face more tightly and expand the filtering surface, thus helping you to breathe more easily. They aren't too expensive either, for about $20 you can choose. The filters are very inexpensive compared to the white "one time" masks.


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