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Good chisels?


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Narex make good chisels for a reasonable price, don't know about other brands.

The set you referred to seems to be sold under several names with small variations. Looking at another revealed my main concern about those: They most likely aren't ready to use right from the box. However, that's not an uncommon feature in the more expensive ones either. PLUS that will effectively teach you how to sharpen your chisels! For sharpening practice a cheap set like that is perfect.

I've got a very cheap set of 3 chisels I bought when I was young and didn't know I didn't know anything. They can be sharpened but after a few strokes on hard wood the very tip burrs and loses the edge. That's the problem with cheap tools, you never know until you've used them. Getting known good quality from the start will pay in the long run.

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