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Paint swirl finish using Borax


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On the main site, there is an article regarding paint swirl finish using Borax. The article states that '20 Muleteam' Borax was used. As far as I can tell, 20 Muleteam is a US brand name (such as Daz or Persil in the UK). Does anyone know of any UK brands that would be suitable to use for the same job. For info, I have found somewhere online to buy Borax, but it is well expensive. Seems a waste of money if I can buy something from Tesco which will be adequate.

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Well, yes.... and no.

You would think that Borax is as Borax does, but it is not neccessarily the case. Try finding somewhere to buy it for a start.

It's all a bit academic now anyway because I have found a supplier.

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