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Cutting frets slots


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the next job for me to do ,is cut my fret slots.

Im ordering stew mac fret wire which requires a saw with .024" kerf.

now im gonna start talking metric ,cos these inch things wreck my head!

0.024 inch = approx 0.61 mm

so basically i dont want to go to the expense of buying an actual fret saw, but i may have found an alternative.

could i use either of the following? :

Junior Hacksaw , 0.4mm kerf (or was it 0.47) ?

full size Hacksaw , 0.8mm kerf (approx)


would i get away with using the junior hacksaw? , i cut a test piece ,and the cut looks exactly the same as those on my other guitars.

any ideas?


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I've been wondering about this sort of thing. From what I've read, the Gent's saw is the tool of choice. But, when I see them, I keep thinking that they look a lot like what I would call a mitre saw. Oh, and BTW, I've never seen a Gent's saw here in the States. In the UK on the other hand, they have all kinds of cool stuff.

Anyway, could you use a hack saw as a Gent's saw?

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The usual problem with Hack saw's is the blade tends to grab more wood than you need since the teeth on them are bent out alternating so a fine thin blade still cut's out a healthy and wide slot.

The other problem with them (again the blade) is that they tend to wander and the blade's will bend.

If your looking for something small that can work try an E-xacto hobby saw which you can get different thickness blades for in almost any hobbie shop if they sell top of the line models. Problem with them is they will wear out quickly and usually end up giving you a thinner slot than you need.

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i tried it out today on a scprap piece of rosewood using a hacksaw

its actually pretty simple , you just have to be very careful to start off perfectly straight , then the blade will follow.

i used a junior hacksaw , with which the blade does`nt have an alternating blade.

i cut my nut slot today using the hacksaw , a penknife and a small screwdriver!

sounds like an odd bunch of tools to be using... but it works! :D

happy days!

but i think i`ll wait till i get the fret wire before i do anymore.

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