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Help with identification please.

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I'm going to guess it's a home-brew, with some particular parentage behind it.

I shall explain:

So, its primary parentage (I would believe) goes back to BC Rich.

But its not an actual BC Rich, I think its a home-build job inspired by BC Rich kinda...

It actually reminds me more of something Neal Moser would have thought up.

Neal worked for BC Rich back in the day, then left and started his own thing.

You can look him up, he has a website.

His designs don't stray too far from home, and are very popular with the METAL (devils horn fist pump) crowd.

AAMOF, he pretty much took the heart of what BC Rich did and expanded on it.


So, I looked up old Neal to see if I could find your body.

Just typed in Neal Moser in Google and clicked on images.

And I found this, with the caption: 'Neal Moser Inspired Build'.

That's what I got.


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A real Neal Moser build, just to show the spirit of the guy.

And, a little-known fact about BC Rich and Neal Moser creations.

All those weird curves were originally taken from the silhouettes of women dancing.

Google modern dance and click on images and look closely at the forms of women as they dance and hold a pose.

Its a serious fact, that's where they got all the weird metal curves from.

If you look for it, you'll always see it in their creations.




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Thanks so much for the quick response. I have had this lying around for years. I had a hunch it might have been bc rich

I just started building a 12 string telecaster from solo guitars, and I decided to pull this body out of the closet and see what I could do with it......any thoughts?  The neck slot is 2 3/16" wide. I have no idea on how to guess the neck length that I would even need.

It even has a set screw in the neck joint to help with adjusting the angle.

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5 hours ago, Derrick said:

I have no idea on how to guess the neck length that I would even need.

That's not too complicated. Unless my logic thinking fails on me you should be able to choose any scale length you wish. The 12th fret should be right halfways between the bridge and the nut, the rest of the frets being placed according to the math used for calculating frets.

If you want to be very nitpicky, the bridge pickup sitting right at the location of the 24th fret has been told to utilize the harmonics in a most pleasing way. That said, a humbucker is 1½" wide which ruins the accuracy of that theory. But you can use that idea as well for determining the scale length: Measure from the bridge to the neckside half of the neck pickup and quadruplicate the value. Then choose the closest common scale length.

If you need to know how long a piece of wood you'd need for the entire neck, add the length of the headstock to the scale length.



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