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Lunar Ice finish achievable?

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Hey y'all I'm new to the forum but I've been skulking around here and there looking at different topics. I've been wanting to do a project guitar for the longest time and now finally have the funds to make it possible however before I commit to anything and spend money I want to plan things out first. What I want to ask is if the finish found on the new limited edition PRS Lunar Ice Silver Sky could be achievable and how it could be done. I really like this finish but I can't really justify spending almost 6k for a quirky strat with a cool finish. So in the true diy fashion if you can't buy it do it yourself. 

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I'm not a solid color paint guy so I am of no use.

I did have a look at it tho.

If you can't find help in any guitar forum, try a custom bike forum, that's where you'll see the same types of finishes as that has.

And bike guys are always using solid colors, pearls, iridescent flakes and whatnot since they're not working with wood.

That kind of solid color custom finish is what they specialize in.

Most DIY noob guitar guys are struggling to figure out how to apply Tru-Oil finishes.

That finish is somewhat of a giant leap in expertise from what they're typically doing.

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I'm not a solid color paint guy either so no big hints from me either.

Outside of bikes I've seen similar effects in cars, even stock ones. Your automotive paint vendor might know something. And the local car paint shop could also be of help, they might even do it for you for a decent price!

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Thinking outside the box...

Painting a car or bike is really not any different to painting a guitar. After you've got a good layer of primer sanded level, the paint doesn't know if there's metal or wood underneath.

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Alright I did a bit of research into automotive paints and it looks like they used some form of flip flop automotive paint for it. I'll do a bit more research into which one would be suitable for the guitar but thanks for the point in the right direction guys. 

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