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I finally crackled it!!!

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Hello all!

I have been mucking about trying to get the crackle glaze to work on my guitar and finally managed it. I wanted to show the results and I am pleased with myself. It is actually straight forward really, paint on the glaze and wait for it to harden (over a base coat of your choice) then, spray on the top coat. I don't think that the thickness of the top coat matters that much. After spraying, apply heat. I used a fan with heat function. After about ten minutes I got my result. Pink instead of red, I wanted to dye the white emulsion with red acrylic and gave up. I used the pink as an experiment that seems to have worked out ok. 





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That really looks nice, I like how you managed to get such large cracks that don't follow any given direction or pattern.

13 hours ago, simon1138 said:

I don't think that the thickness of the top coat matters that much.

I revisited a couple of instructions and actually, if I understood correctly, a thin top coat might work even better as the entire process relies on the top coat drying faster than the base which should not be fully cured. Heating the top coat makes it dry even faster which may explain the partially violent crackling. Well done!

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