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Body and neck finishing


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Alright guys,

I'm nearly ready to start finishing one of the projects. So close in fact that I want to go and spend the housekeeping on paint. Just got a few questions before I start.

The project is a dodgy plywood strat that I've hollowed out and stuck a peice on top with a couple of F holes.

1 - Do I need to prime the surfaces first, I should imagine so, so do I use normal car primer (I'm using car paint)?

2 - I'm intending to use colour flip paint, anything I should know (other than how expensive the stuff is, I know that already and I was shocked)?

3 - Is normal car laquer OK, again I can't see a problem which is why I'm asking B) ?

4 - After all these oil questions for the neck, what is the best way of finishing a neck? I know that this is subjective but what are your views.

5 - If using laquer on the neck, is it ok to paint it the same colour as the body first?

Cheers dudes. :D

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Im not the biggest expert but here's what I know.

1. yes

2. If you want to use the color flip paints. The mirage kits from the autoparts stores are pretty decent, if you follow the directions closely.

The kits include primer, the color change stage and the clear. Im redoing a roadstar 2 with the Ice color. Kit was about $20.


3. Alot of us have gotten results we're happy with using automotive sprays, including some vintage fenders. That being said most of the result seems to be in the prep work and the prep work.

4. Im just starting to play with oil finished necks. I dont like lacquer it always gets sticky on me. I like poly'd necks a lot.

5. Ask Gibson. :D Yes.

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