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My next project

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Well, I am dawning near the end of my Jackson RR project, waiting for the pickups and couple other parts to come in, the neck will go on, but i gotta go to the hardware store to get some good bolts for it

Anyways, here is what my next project will be:


The pickups and all, i have decided that this will be my thrash guitar, something that will not be the greatest, but looks good and fun to play, so i decided to look around in pawn shops for a real cheap electric bolt on neck guitar, steal the neck off it, and pickups, single coil or not, and then, i am going to put built in distortion and reverb on it, 2 volumes (1 per pickup to blend them together, thanks for idea wes!) and the other 2 for distortion and reverb, luckily, my father has a double cut away style guitar in mint shape, but its a lefty so i cant play it, and he does not want me to tear it apart and make it work for me, he doesnt play it, but he still likes it that way, anywho, i have a problem with hi jacking my own thread! i need an opinon if it should be double cut or single cut, either way, its going to be hollow body with crappy pickups and neck from a pawn shop guitar, built in reverb and distortion, so, single cut away or double?

Thanks for the input


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