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Torres Super Midrange


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1) Yes, it works just like a tone control.

2) Yes, it's probably to your advantage to wire it as a master tone.

3) If that's what you want - some people use it for just the bridge pickup, but it's up to you.

You get enough info to install it and use it - it's not really complicated, 0-5 is mid cut, 6-10 is mid boost (actually bass/treble cut). You could build one with a center detent pot so you'd know where "neutral" was if you wanted. It's about as simple as tone mods get. Using your existing tone pot, parts for it will run you about $6.00 from Mouser Electronics. If you need help wiring it, gimme a shout and I'll try to get a picture of mine.

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Yep. have had one on my strat for about 3 years now, and it's a good mod.

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