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Stereo wiring question


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I recently purchased an Audere Pro Z Preamps w/ 3 Band + Mid freq Switch (Vol/Vol) that I will be installing in a custom made touch-style instrument. It will have 10 strings and 2 passive humbucker pickups. The strings will be divided into two sets: Melody and Bass (Like a Chapman Stick ) where each set of strings gets it's own pickup using a stereo jack. You would then use a Y cable (stereo to 2 mono leads).
The luthier who made my instrument usually wires his instruments with each pickup having its own mono jack so you can run each set of strings to it's own amp/fx/DI etc using 2 mono cables. However, I was just going to run the system in mono using the Pro Z system so I asked the luthier to wire both pickups to one jack. 
 But then I got to thinking...

 Would the preamp configuration that I bought allow me to run it stereo using one output jack? It looks like the jack that is supplied is a stereo unit. What I am wanting to do is wire one Vol to control the Melody humbucker and one Vol controlling the Bass humbucker with both pickups being routed to the jack as a stereo system that would share the Pro Z Preamp. I could then use a Y cable (mono to 2 stereo leads) or a TRS to TS cable.

Is this scenario possible with the unit I purchased? 

Would I need to use a mono/stereo switch?
 I hope I was clear in what I want to accomplish.
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9 hours ago, meshica7 said:

Is this scenario possible with the unit I purchased? 

Not unless you bought two separate preamps. The Pro Z is a mono preamp, so you can't re-extract the two stereo channels after sending both pickups through it.

You could replace/re-wire the installed single output jack as a stereo socket and send the two pickup signals through separate external processing if that's acceptable?

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