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Nut Slotting Saw

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Making a nut slotting cutting head.

This is where I'm at so far.

Two of the slitting saws blades are about .010" too thick, so I ordered new ones.

I'm making brass nuts since I have the brass kicking around.

I'm going to try rounding over the edge of the blades with a fine grinding wheel, hopefully they'll still cut fine.

Nut Saw01.jpg

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Looks nice, and a bit different to what I thought you were after.

Now all you need to do is to take any length of ~45 mm wide and 8 mm thick brass and cut the grooves, then cut it to 3.6 - 6 mm pieces to be finished to nuts. You can even round the edges and lower the treble side before cutting. And save the grooved length as such until you need another nut... 

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Now, that's a bit overkill, I love it! 

On a longer production run blade wear could possibly be an issue, but I guess that thing will cut nuts for a life time just fine :)

I haven't thought about using a slitting saw to cut nuts, but now I'm tempted to try that myself. 
Although I guess I'll just go with one blade. Which would be the width of the narrowest groove. Then advance the blade position and do multiple passes for the wider slots. Or I may just cut the centers of the grooves and file them to size by hand. Anyway, I think with the help of a DRO I't easy to get the groove positions and depth in place.

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Will the next tool be a nut polishing device with compound impregnated fiber disks to reach the slots? A furry version of the saw, sort of?

Looking at those makes me seriously want to make a brass nut, now all I need to do is to find some brass!

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