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  1. I used punched numbers on a few but, I was not happy with my results. I decided it was time to buy a CNC Router and now playing around for a few weeks I'm glad I bought it. Here's a few cuts after only my tenth try. Yes it will take awhile to recoup the cost.
  2. What is a good way of marking your Guitars? LOGO, serial number, Date, Signature, etc. So far I've just been putting 001, 002, 003, etc.
  3. I just saw your reply, All 13 got cut up. One got so close to playable. Fixed all case veneer damage, six coats of lacquer, made new pin-block, re-finished plate. re-covered key-tops, new dampers, replaced all hammers, all new strings, etc. Then about three months of working on mating the hammers and dampers to the strings, string stretching and tuning. Well after all that I felt it was time to throw in the towel.
  4. Years ago I read an article about a piece of carbide going into someones neck. And now sometimes if I have a free hand while using certain cutters like a fly cutter I'll put one hand over my neck.
  5. My wife thinks that since I'm getting up there in age that I should get a Saw Stop. I haven had a crazy shop accident in quite. a while and thought that "don't put your hand near the blade and you won't get cut". I won't tell her what happened this morning. Not that a Saw Stop would help in a router accident. I made two mistakes, 1. I only put the router bit in about 1/2" into the collet. 2. I didn't pay enough attention to the hold down bolts on my jig. Well, Bang, I hit the bolt with the router bit, the router bit pulled out of the router and hit me pretty hard below the belt. Lucky it was cold outside and I had enough layers on which saved me from getting cut.
  6. Maybe you can make it look intentional. Change the shape of it or add more circles. I tried several times to repair the veneer on a piano and it always looked like a repair. So I cut it out a shape and fit in a decorate piece of veneer.
  7. I guess I'll save the body halves, since I put a bit of time in them.
  8. Well I made a BooBoo and ruff-cut the back of the neck to thin. I tried removing the finger board with a hot iron but failed. So I have decided to throw in the towel on this one.
  9. This is my 1st. attempt using the Neck-Router with the new 5/8" rails. the router cut as good as I hoped, pretty smooth. It's set up to cut 1-11/16" to 2-1/4" Next attempt will be on one of the guitars I'm making. https://youtu.be/C-hYp2sJDiw
  10. That's pretty crazy! My wife hates Barbie.
  11. Well I haven't tried it yet. I would have tried it outside but it's been so cold. I've been working on a dust collection hood. I'm waiting for the surround brush.
  12. Do you feel the new pickups sounded better? So far on my last three guitars I am putting it the (Epiphone Classic Pro Alnico Classic) pickups $50 for the pair.. They are from China so they might be fakes. I can always change them later if I hate them.
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