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Buying wood

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I assume that many in the past have posted this question, I apologize , but I can't seem to find usefull links , searching.....

I live in Italy, and I bought wood for my first guitar from STEWMAC, I can't find no Korina or zebrawood dealers locally where i live, I tryed buying 2 blanks of Mohogany sipa, but I am quite dissapointed by the quality of the blanks ( I see now why they were cheep ).

I'd like to find some blanks of Korina or Zebrawood for the body and ebony fingerboard blanks, in general I am interested in exotic woods.

Where can i buy online some good deals?


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Dont use Lmii.com..

My teacher order into Lmii.com, total 800 $USD

lmii.com get money from cardcompany first $800 when he ordered day.

and recent day. lmii.com get $800

so my teacher troubled with the matter Lmii.com..

and mail to lmii.com.. but lmii.com not reply..

if you want to buy wood. use stewmac or Gilmerwood

i think Gilmerwood very kindness. and stewmac is very kindness.

but Lmii.com not kindness. and no replay..

if you mail to lmii.com 3 time or more.. you will recieved lmii.com reply.

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Thank you for reading and for giving me the links :D

Gilmer has beautifull woods, just the kind I was looking for, I need to see how the policy is for the regarding the shipping .....

I bought a 2 piece glued blank of Alder from stewmac, a maple blank for the neck and a indian rosewood fingerboard, this was for my first guitar i built.

Today i tried some transparent nitro paint with a drop of red in it, on a little angle of one , to enhance the color of the Mohogany sipo I bought a few days ago for 13 Euros ( would be about 18 USD i think) they are 2 blanks, i'd like to post a pic of them, so you could probably give me your opinion....there is no great grain patter and the color is quite crappy, but with the nitro finish it's kind of ok,for my taste, still not sure.

Anyway I'll probably be buying some Zebrawood !

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Nice link Ariajazz !

I have been on that site before, but I am still in love with that Zebrawood blank I saw on Gilmerwoods, so i am planning my 7 string in jungle version:

Zebra body , the striped ebony (Madagascar Ebony i think it is....) and for the neck I was planning a 3 layer maple , walnut , maple (but not sure of this combination yet )

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After a long search I found a good wood supplier on the web called Gallery Hardwoods: http://www.galleryhardwoods.com

I think Gallery also listed here on ProjectGuitar's supplier list isn't he? I think most of the better suppliers are on that list - check it out some time.

I'd like to pass on one concern though on one of the suppliers mentioned earlier:

exoticwoods.com is a strange company (in my opinion). I have bought some nice looking wood from them but have also been very dissapointed with some of their figured maple ("5A" looked like home depot grade). Since you cannot see what you are buying, that kinda goes with the territory. When I call in the morning (they cannot ship after 11:00 am EST), I get the feeling I'm waking her up. So I usually leave them as a last resort. I'm not really trying to put them down as much as I am trying to warn people to use caution when dealing with companies like this.

Gallery is by far the best I have bought from. The wood is high quality and comes pretty much ready for use (not the case with many others).

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