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ok i'm sorry for stupid question..


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I can't help you with this one, but what i can tell you is that the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked... Well there are stupid questions... but hey, i donno what you're talking about, so its gotta have some sophistication to it ^.^;


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Funny, the one you posted doesn't look the same as this tele schematic from the same site.


I don't know if there is more than one way to do stock tele wiring w/ a 4-way switch or not. Your diagram tells me to split each hot lead and solder switch contacts in parallel. The other diagram says run one hot wire across contacts in series and the same w/ the ground on the other pickup. May as well try both and see what you like best.

You basically got the idea, except for the cap on the volume pot. Just treat that like a wire soldered to 2 spots.

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Sorry 'bout the double post. Should have read ahead. B)

so i soldier the wires shown,1 from outjack,  1 feom the switch and cap to same spot on vol knob


pic helps  i think ...green wires and cap all soldier to same spots on vol knob

(Facing the shaft of the pot) wire from switch, wire from tone pot and cap connect to left terminal, wire from jack (hot) and cap (the other end) connect to center terminal, and ground connects to right terminal. If that's what you just said, ignore me. :D

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