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Is your trem sitting flush to the body?If it is pulling forward this can cause the problem.

Use a small ruler and mesure front and back of the trem on both sides.This will tell you if the tension is off.Also take a quick peek at your nut.Sometimes,(rarely),they can shift.Make sure that it is flush to the fretboard.

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From what I have experienced, maybe you are too close to the neck with your saddles. There is a "proper" length for each string and it probably isn't that short.

Like they said you can't intonate a guitar very accurately without new strings or without a prallel bridge.

I believe you have gone past the sweet spot. In my experienc, it's seems possible for the note to go sharp.....sharp.....sharp....sharp....then flat (With retuning of course).

I think there are different ranges depending on the string and gauge.

I probably sound crazy, but I've experienced this before.

Pull it back all the way back and try again. It takes patience and rather small adjustments.

You might want to check out the Key-tool set for the Floyd Rose tremolos. It makes intonation a breeze.

It will be well worth the effort in the end. -Seth

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