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Veneer Flattening


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Didn't somebody come up with a mini tut or description of what they did to flatten out some veneer once?

If you have it or can re-write it I'll add it to the tutorials and place your name with it :D

I ruined my first attempt at veneering. So I've been reading up on the subject. Plus, I don't want to ruin this nice satin wood veneer that I have.

Since I also love to experiment with adhesives (feels like it's becoming a hobby), I'm thinking about using contact cement that's actually made for attaching veneers. Anyone ever work with the stuff?

As for flattening veneer, how do you mean? If the veneer is badly warped that's one thing. If it's just detached that's another. I've seen glue squirted in with needles to reattach veneer that's come loose before in that case.

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I've been through the extreme gammit with different glues and contact cements and epoxy's. All work with varied degree's of sucess. Some better than other's, really it's more a matter of coating than anything else.

No I was more interested in something dealing with really badly formed veneer thats taken on a life of it's own.

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