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genuine floyd rose, or schaller floyd rose??

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It's just like with guitars. You can get a 50's or 60's fender for an outragous amount, or get an 80's MIJ Fender that is just as good (as a musical instrument) but cost WAY less.

With an original Floyd, you are paying for the name, not for any huge improvement in quality. I bet the Schaller is better than a floyd, but can't say for sure. I at least know of one thing that is better about the Schaller and that is the 'hardened inserts' they have where the bridge contacts the posts. But then again, that might mean they are using a softer metal for the bridge. My mid-80's Floyd doesn't seem like it would need "hardened inserts' coz it seems like the whole damn tremelo is hardened. But I never used my Floyd enough to put it to the test.

I also have a WD Floyd copy, which I think gives you 'more bang for your buck'. Seems just as tough and well made as my Floyd. I bought the used WD dirt cheap ($15- it was missing a fine-tuner and trem arm and locking nut)

If I was looking for a floyd type trem right now, I'd be looking the hardest for a used WD

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