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my new baby

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hi all!

just bought myself a new guitar. i had an ibanez gax 70 in flame red previously which was ok, didnt have any complaints but i wanted to do more. so i've gone out and bought a Gould sg-based guitar. usually i dont like the sg but this one is a beauty! all white with gold hardware and a busby whammy bar. an all in one neck/body, bot a bolt on, and a nice 'under and over' bridge.

now. i've bought it with modifying it in mind - here's what i want doing to it - the scratch plate needs painting metallic purple, the pickups i'm changing for (hums) neck - kent armstrong paf and bridge - dimarzio super distortion cream.

im considering grover locking tuning heads.

but the biggy, i need a new switching system; obviously ill want coil taps but im also looking for 'in/out phase' which i dont know anything about except brian may uses them and so i want them!

so, the scratch plate - how do i do this myself? (out of curiosity, how would i put a design in the top corner of my guitar without ruining the finish?)

the pick ups, am i liable to be able to do this myself? how?

the switching system im paying someone to do. tuning heads im sure i can do.

any help is appreciated, cheers!

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over 100 replies - and still no one can help!?!?

your question is unclear....

maybe "how would i go about making my own pickgaurd from scratch,and what is the best way to add a design(similar to a tribal?)to my guitar without harming the existing finish?"would work better

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