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New Primer trick!


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Hey guys!

Forgive me if this isn't actually a new trick, but i've just never seen it mentioned anywhere else... i'm in the process of priming a body using regular Krylon aerosol primer { white } in preparation for a bright white paint job. So, i was doing some smoothing between coats of primer tonight, and i had an idea... i had a piece of 0000 steel wool laying around, and i wondered what it would do to the primer. After all, sanding it with 220-320 grit paper got it smooth, but i just thought it could be smoother. So, i tried smoothing out the primer with the wool, and it works amazingly well!!! Smooth as glass. You don't have to apply much pressure, just rub it back and forth. It's wonderful because you can even glide around those annoying edges and horns with no problems! Don't get me wrong, you can still sand through { as i proved to myself... :D } , but it's much less likely to happen.

Has anybody else tried this method?

I'm on a roll tonight! I even did my first soldering job on a bum input jack :DB) ! Go me!

Let me know what you think!


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