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popping crackling sound


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on my new fretless jazz that i just bought im having trouble with the vloume and popping/crackling of the electronics, im not too sure if its the pots themselves or if its the plug jack, i have tried several combos of cords and amps and verified its the same symptoms no matter what so it must be in the bass instead of the cord or amps, i even bought another brand new cord just to be sure, so with that being eliminated i need to now look at the bass, any suggestions of what i should be looking for behind the chrome plate, anyone point me to potential trouble points? previous owner had put lace sensor pickups in it so i have no idea if the control part of the wiring is original or if theres anything different now



oh yea i get change of volume by messing with the tone pot and sometimes just bumping or jiggling the chord plug, also it gets louder then quieter with the vols too, so im thinking its something else loose and not just the pots, anyhow, i thought i should add that

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hmm a few things to consider one you probally have a bad capacitor or bad connection around the capacitor as it seems to adjust the volume on the tone knob which is what wil happen when the cap fails..

also try takin a little steel wool and cleaning the inside of the jack by rolling it up and sliding it into the jack opening. you can also do light sandpaper like thiss too this should be done periodically to maintain good connection

something to try if you have a mulitimeter use the continuity function and clip them on a particular wire joint and shake the wire and see if the beeping or squezlling of the meter changes or stop and restarts. if so then there is a loose joint on there.

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