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Octave Pedals Kick a$$


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yesterday in an attempt to stave off my boredom on a saturday afternoon i decided i would build my own FX pedal. rummaged around in the electronics labs and found all the parts i needed to build the Green Ringer off General Guitar Gadgets

sorted it all out, didnt have a foot switch so just used a micro switch instead. also found an old steel case and used the drills and sand blaster in the metal work department to turn it into a pretty decent enclosure.

take it back to my room and plug it in.....and nothing lol

turns out id forgotten to connect the output jack to ground.


sorted it out today and it works a treat. very cool effect and im gonna be having a lot of fun with it. ive wanted to play around with an octave pedal for a while and this is definatelly filling in the slot

i realise that this isnt an actually guitar but i thought ou guys would at least like to hear about it



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just go to www.generalguitargadgets.com and not only are there a huge load of schematics on there but there are loads more sites in the links section. seriouslly, just aboiut everything you could ever need is on that links page

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thats an octave up right.. there are few schematics available that have some wicked results if you want the nicest octave up sound go to geofex.com and look up the mosfet doubler, or jfet doubler it is a great article an easy build and a killer pedal

also if you want an octave down you can make one of those for single note lines.. or you can make it like a pseudo ring modulator by playing chords or dissonant things on it

but you can get by with about 15 parts.. utilizing a simple sqwave device and a binary counter a cd4024 i do belive..

also check out


www.diystompboxes.com they have a schematics section

www.tonepad.com boards for sale there too

and http://www.geocities.com/tpe123/folkurban/...z/snippets.html

circuit snippets the rambler is a good octave up and the ugly face is a good octave down pseudo synth thing. and for another octave up look at the last one on the page

and if you are looking for all out madness with a 555 timer a box a coulple of jacks and a switch and a cap or two you can make this

http://www.geocities.com/austenfantanio/di...ivisionhell.htm listen to the sample to see what it does

that is me inputing a freq generator into the input of this thing, and then changing the division from one octave to well all over and also changing the input pitch too..

sounds killer with guitar..

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also check out the bobtavia for an octave up too its wicked. if ayone wants the bobtavia or any not listed in the links above email me i printed out five books of schematics years ago from the internet i can scan them for ya

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at the moment im bui8lding another small pedal which is basically just to use with the octave. i found that if i chucked it through my jack hammer then having the gain set above a certain level meant that i just got a slightlly different overdrive sound, not much octave to hear in it.

basically i just decided to stick a booster based on the rangemaster and a single transistor overdrive circuit together. it should give enough overdrive to make the octave sound sweet without drowning it.

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