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Guitar wiring


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Hi, I have been looking over the net for basic guitar wiring diagrams but they all seem to be specific to either brand of guitars, e.g. gibson, ibanez etc, or to guitara using seymour pickups etc. I am going to do the electronics for my guitar myself, I am going to be using Kent Armstrong Motherbucker and Rio Grande Punchbox, where can I get a wiring diagram for two humbuckers, 1 volume pot and 1 tone pot, and 3-way switch, then I can modify it fir the 8 wires of the motherbucker? Thanks for any help.

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get the standard 2-pickup, one V one T from guitarelectronics.

then get the motherbucker diagram from kent armstrong ("schematics" on their website, second page.)

for the pickup that you will be using the motherbucker on, use the motherbucker schematic instead of that pickup.

see how it says "to pickup selector" on the kent armstrong diagram? use that instead of the wire in the standard that goes to the pickup selector. treat the grounds the same way.

that will give you the options for the motherbucker that they have. i haven't used one, but that sounds like a pretty good way to use it, although it can be wired many many different ways.

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the first post was correct.

the second post i posted by accident.

i'm sorry it was unclear. ignore my second post, that's what i wanted to delete. the first post is still true.

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Ok thanks, and what modifications would need to be made to that schematic for using a stereo jack rather than a mono? Thanks.

Maybe the easiest thing is for you to think of that MB as two hb pickups that accidentally got glued together, and wire them accordingly. Don't know what you could use a stereo jack for, but wire it just like you would for three standard humbuckers. Here's a few:




HTH - BTW, stereo outputs are highly overrated (and very seldom useful). :D

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