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Hi guys ,

I was wondering if this(bondo) is normal in factory production guitars cause I am refinishing a guitar I bought a few months ago and Brian posted the pics of it here and there is this stuff on it that looks like bondo and is a real pain to sand off.

would be greatfull for any answer from pro or master builders here in the forum,you know who you are.

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It is getting pretty common - the stuff they usually use is called p38 filler - its widely used in the auto industry - custom sprayers use it a lot as a base coat on bike parts as it dries really quickly, is rock hard and sands very smooth to give a good base for your paints.

The Japanese makers used a clear version a lot in the 80's as well to go under transparant finishes.

Easiest way to remove it is to heat it with a blow torch until the top surface just begins to darken, it then goes really crumbly and you can take it off with a scraper.

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