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Wiring troubles

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I was having some troubles with me' wiring...I hope you guys/girls could help me out...

The guitars body is a hollow body style guitar made entirely in aluminium and split in half...think of it as "lid" on the backside. CNC machined and that was a hazzle all by itself. The size is really small...like a pickguard. Pics will be upp when I can get a hold of a camera. I bought a sevenstring squier and stripped it from parts...that was fun...now I can have the squier neckplate on the guitar...haha...

Here's the Q's

1. Grounding the whole ting...which components can touch the body?

cause if the switch touches the body ,shouldn't it short the whole circuit??

2. screwing the switches and pots to the body will make it touch the body also, will that be a trouble???

3. And finally do I have to ground to the bridge? Shouldn't that really be done cause everything is already attached to the body?


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1.) No, the switch body should be electrically isolated from the switch itself.

2.) It shouldn't be a problem - you've also eliminated any shielding problems. Be sure to star-ground everything so you don't get ground loops and don't connect a ground wire to the back of the pots (or solder the grounded lug to the back of the pot). Use the body as a ground plane and attach all other ground wires to a single point on the body.

3.) The bridge is grounded when you attach it to the body - any additional connections to the bridge is asking for a ground loop.


<edited for massive misspelling>

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Whoa.. Aluminum guitar.. Must weigh a ton.. Post the pics, man!! :D

Anyway, just to add to what Lovekraft said, make sure that any exposed wires or solders points and all don't touch the side of the cavity.. Should be obvious enough but it's important none the less.... Have fun!!

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