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Heat Damaged Guitar

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I've just picked up a heat damaged (left to close ot a heater by the look of it)Martin Sigma DR-41 deluxe for $100 (USD$50) and was wondering if anyone has repaired a heat damaged guitar. The damage is in an area on the top side of the guitar, the binding has melted off for about 4 inches at the waist and there is a small area of blistering on the sound board. The body of the guitar is seems to be very solid still. I thought I would replace the binding and refinish the clear lacquer.

Is there anything that I need to look for when repairing the guitar? If anybody has experience repairing a heat damaged guitar your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Tony


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I have no experience with heat damaged guitars, just to start off.

The binding shouldn't be too hard to replace. You would just need to reroute the channel that the binding fits in, get new binding, bend (if needed) and glue it in.

As far as the finish goes, you'd be fine to just sand through the lacquer and refinish.

How is the wood of the guitar? Is the blistering you mentioned in the actual wood? Is the action OK? It plays alright?

IF you see nothing wrong with the actual construction and stability of the instrument, I don't think that you'll have any kind of problem on your hands, a quick refinish and a binding job.

I would still recommend taking it to a local guitar shop and have them do a setup and intonation on it whenst you're finished, just to be sure everything is still good and proper.

Other than that...it's a Martin eh? Not a bad deal...seems they go for about $250 to $400 on the 'bay.

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All the playing aspects of the guitar seem ok, it holds it's tune, the action is fine. The spruce top is still in good condition just a few bubbles in the clear finish. The Rosewood laminate side looks a little more damaged but I think the laminate is still intact, I will have a better idea when I get the clear finish off.

It gives me something to play while I'm building my Les Paul look alike

Thanks for the reply

Cheers Tony

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Just to add to what MKG said,do a tap test in the area.This will give you and idea if anything has come loose or if the laminates are starting to separate.It rarely happens,but a quick check won't make anything worse.

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