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FR Bridge

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hi again

i just got a Floyd Rose II floating tremelo bridge that i intend on putting in my explorer, which currently has a standard one way tremelo. does anyone here have diagrams or a tutorial on how to route the cavity for it? im refinishing the guitar, so i can fill the current cavity and route an entire new one if needed. i looked on the post about converting a strat to a FR, but im not sure thats what i need... :D

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to that second question first... Normal Springs, its the tension of the strings that keep it floating so u can pull it up (tightening the strings so loosening the spring) or dive bomb (loosening the strings but tightening the springs)...

and the 1st 1 i would assume its the same. well at least the same ideas take place. so i would just follow the tutorial and just make any adjustments to it that make it work.

Big Tom


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