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I get asked several times a year where to get logo's for refinishing projects.

If your living in or near a metro area that has a lot of advertising business, look up sign shops in the Yellow pages. What your specifically looking for is any sign shop that cuts vinyl for either window stickers or automobile advertisements.

If they are worth their weight in the business they already have a disc with just about every logo you would ever want and it is licensed by the manufacturer's.

People are under the impression that these are some sort of taboo things to get and Kinko's people have the technical capability but they are scared to use it.

Truth is as long as your not using the labels to market your own production model of guitar, the original company's could care less. Think they are going to spend $250 an hour on an attorney to spend even more money filing against somebody that wanted something that put's their name out as free advertisement to begin with?

Especially if your only buying one or two to begin with. That would be silly........ :D

Other company's such as Fender have had a long history with problems , especially since they use outside vendors to produce their water slide style decals. Over the years they have changed styles so many time's it is impossible to say what is original and what isn't. They will go after people marketing the decals in mass quantity's just for profit don't get me wrong but if your just making one to refinish your guitar they could care less as well.

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As Brian was saying about Kinko's the guy here in Elkhart Indiana said that it was copywright infringement and he couldn't help me. I know embroidery shops buy a book with thousands of logo's and that is how they are able to transfer college logos and what not onto hats and shirts. I just didn't want the Notre Dame Irishman on my headstock! :D

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