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First mandolin project pics!!!

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Well, I donno where to post this, but im mighty proud of it...So I thought I should show it off to other luthiers...



Its got a months worth of work in it, and far to many mistakes..and no finish, yet...Maybe next time, it might be closer to perfection.

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Well, HAH, Im not to sure if you want to see any closer than that...1 the neck and fretboard just WOULDNT get level so we(My dad and I) had to force the neck and fretboard flush to glue, And we made the fatal mistake of leveling the piece under the fretboard on the body to the neck with a belt sander...and it messed that up so there is a rather large gap between the fretboard and neck on the underside that faces towards teh floor, There are a few gaps between the binding and body, We unexpectedly had to drill larger holes in the headstock for the tuner bushings and chiped out the ebony...We arnt even going to sunburst this one, Just laquer it to protect it and let the flam maple shine out more.

We messed up slottin the Nut also, We went too deep so, We have to restart the nut...At this point is playable but the action isnt even, and its too high, the notes go sharp...

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you learn more and more with each one. Biggest mistake you made from the sounds of it, trying to make something flat with a belt sander, they take off to much material way to quick, I'll use one for roughing, but when it is a fretboard / neck joint, hard blocks and scrapers only please, they need to be dead flat to mate properly :D

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