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have any of you guys ever put this together, and thoughts on the circuit. I realize its not going to be like having six different pedals, but the idea of breaking down the stages of different setups and being able to pick the ones you want seems cool.


btw, as far as the pitch shifter comments I posted earlier this week, feel free to punch me in the face. I assumed it would be alot simpler than it turned out.


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this is actually pretty cool little pedal played iwth aprts of it never the whole ting i have heard good results from others though

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sqwaveing the signal

guess i couldn't be more vague could i

lol sorry

when you apply enough signal to the diodes they double the freq. diodes generally created second and third order harmonics quite easily. some more one than the other.

fun things to do with octave up circuits . use the full bridge rectifer and utilize two opamps running at opposite phase to do away with the transformer in most circuits

bobtavia and such..

and take the output of this and apply it to a third amplifier.. before it hits the diodes and using a small trimpot to set the level. and use it to take out the base signalt o create more pronounced octave effect

not perfect by anymeans but still quite nice.

for a lowparts octave up type circuit try this





works even better with a little gain pushing it..

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