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begining inlays

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All you need is a dremel, a dremel router base, and a downward spiral cutter.

Set up the dremel to run against a temporary "fence", so you get a nice straight line. You may need to do two runs to get the required width.

Set the depth of cut to be equal to that of the inlay blanks your using.

The corners will be rounded (your using a round bit remember), so use a sharp chisel to cut these bits out to a sharp point.

Lay some glue in the slots, and then chuck the shell in there. Make sure its all cut to length first (do one pinstripe at a time, cutting the next length of pinstripe as the previous bits dry. I would probably just lay as much of it in the slots as posible, and custom cut the ends of the pinstripes as the last thing i did.

hope that helps.

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