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Warped Neck Repair


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I've seen a lot of forums and a lot of advice on fixing a warped or twisted neck in the past. Most of them tell you to find a luthier that has a steam press to reshape the neck. Sorry but those are few and far between and of course want you to help pay for the press they have collecting dust.

Try using this new tutorial instead B)

Warning plenty of time and patience is required as usual, but you'll save a neck n ton's of money too :D

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Not to be a dick, but, thin necks (like ibanez) once the fretboard is removed, will twist really easily with pressure. Be VERY careful if you are doing this as it will take nothing for you to hold the neck flat to start with, and just remove wood while keeping the twist in. I have successfully straightend necks by applying an equal twist in the opposite direction, and letting a kettle boil under it for a while. then let it completely cool and dry still with the twist in it. when you remove your clamping, it will come back very close to flat.

On a thicker neck I suppose it wouldn't be as big an issue, but I know from experience, a wizard neck will twist by hand without a fretboard really easily. The ironic part is, on a neck like a wizard neck, it's just as likely that the fretboard is the culprit, especially if it's not a quartersawn board. when you remove the fretboard, the neck might be dead flat already :D

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Would that not mean that your neck will be thinner, and more likely to break or warp even more?

Thinner yes, but not by very much.....

Jeremy's right on the fret board being the culprit on Ibanez Necks most of the time and it only goes that the same hold's true for Jackson's.

As far as this being a cause for the neck warping or breaking more easily in the future, I suppose that would be a matter of how well one take's care of their own gear :D

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