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Paint HELP!


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New to the forum, I am building a telecaster and I was wondering what kind of paint to use. The body is a solid one piece of mahogany which has been sanded with 300 grit paper.

My roommate is an artist and I want to have him hand paint a few things on the body. What kind of paint do you recommend, and what kind of finish will work with the paint?? I was thinking of doing an oil finish.


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Hi Renick and welcome to the forum :D

Typical art oils would take a very VERY long time to dry properly before you were able to spray a protective coating over them. If he is going to do it by hand and brush you may want to try acrylics since they dry a lot faster. I know they also have much brighter pallets but that can be toned down.

If your just asking about oil based paints in general meaning petroleum based there are some out there that will dry faster then typical artist oils but it would get really expensive.

What type of scene or art work did you have in mind?

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This is my last semester in Bozeman, MT, I transferred down to AZ. He is going to paint a picture of the mountains that the town is nestled into. It will be nothing too big, more of a tattoo on the upper part of the tele, above the bridge and pickguard.

Would it be possible to paint with acrylic and then do an oil finish over it??

The body is mahogany if that makes any difference.

Thanks for your help

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I have painted my guitar wits water based markers, and then sprayd it with clear coat (nitro)!!

Tje results was amaizing


DO NOT use airbrush oil paint if You are going to srpay nitro over them 'cos they dont metch together!! Airbrush paint will rise and ull get lumpy urface.

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