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Woods for neck

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Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help of people here about woods for guitar necks. I was going to have a neck built from birdseye maple. However, I think I remember once someone or somewhere mentioning how the birdseye maple will not be as good as plain rock maple. Can anyone give their input on this please. Thanks.

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As Scott wrote both woods come from the same tree. There are people claiming that birdseye maple has more tendency to warp and is less stable then plain maple. I myself think it works perfect, although I did not build aa neck out if it yet.

Why would companies like Musicman and Warmoth sell birdseye maple necks if there were any serious issues. As long as the wood was properly dried and select it should work great.

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birdseye maple is difiicult to make neck..

i make 2 birdseye maple . and in use spokenshave.. remain 2~3mm or more..

i experience birdseye maple 's birdseye falls out.. ^^

hole's depth 2mm .. T_T

so i use spokenshave for rough, and use sandpaper #80 #150 #220 #320

use sandpaper is safety..

in make neck.. curly or birdseye is difficult than normal wood.

but rough spokenshave, and use sandpaper is good

remain spokenshave at least 3mm or more and use sandpaper..

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

I think you are remembering when I said quilt isnt strong or stable enough for a neck. Everything else is fine, at least to my knowledge

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