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veneer flattening

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i just recieved my new veneer from flamingo.(krevazingo)gorgeous by the way.but it needs to be flattened and i could swear i saw a tutorial on that but now all i can find is the one about laminating it.anyone know of this tutorial that could direct me?also how do i cut it without tearout?it is very porous like red oak or mahogany.any help will be greatly appreciated.

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This past week I went and visited Brian at Flamingo. It turns out that he is 10 mins from the house. Very helpful and full of information. One of the things that we talked about was the same subject you are raising.

From what I remember, you can not flatten veneer by itself. It has to glued to something, in your case a guitar body. You might want to check my experiments in veneering at www.stormriders.com/guitar/telecaster then click on Veneer.

Also, you can drop Brian an email or call him. He can also point you to some good books that might help you.

Have fun,

Guitar Ed

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