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Chambers - coating with what?

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OK lets see what options are available to me on this one? Whilst I left the original “special” paint/coating inside all the routed areas of the body, I have oversprayed some areas.

I have read articles where one needs to “shield” these routed areas to improve sound quality and/or provide connectivity between the different bits of hardware (is this earth?) (see http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Qua...9440/rewire.htm )

So I suppose the questions really should be:

What does the coating in these chambers do?


What are my options?

To recap: Knackered old Jackson Fusion Professional – strip back body paint recoat with acrylic sprays.

Many thanks

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Capt. V--

I assume you are talking about your pickup cavities, floyd rose cavity, neck pocket etc.?

If that is the case you have some options.

Many people fill these cavities with plumber's clay (which is what it sounds like -- a synthetic clay that is easily removed). It is readily available at most hardware stores and is reusable.

The option I use is to tape off these areas with 3M's Blue Carpentry Masking Tape. This is less sticky than traditional masking tape and is thicker. This can be found at most hardware or wood working shops.

Many folks I have talked to simply mask everything off with regular masking tape and use many layers. I find this less effective than other options.

The coating in those pickup cavities is often (but not always) some sort of shielding paint but usually it is not applied in large quantities. Certainly 80s and 90s Jacksons benefit from additional shielding (using inexpensive self-adhesive copper foil) in these cavities. I had good results doing so on my Dinky Pro, PS-4+ and Stealth model Jacksons. Check www.guitarnuts.com for more shielding info.

Good luck!

Best Regards,

Chris D.

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Well I gave up trying to find an inexpensive shielding paint (had one quote for £350 for 5Lts)

So I used some double sided tape and tin foil...this is only a short term measure until I find some damned suitable paint.

Thanks for you help.


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