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After searching around, I can't seem to find any references to colored pickup covers..

I'm working on putting a guitar together, and I'd like to have green pickup covers.

I plan on having a fernandes sustainer by the bridge, and an EMG-60 by the neck.

I have a few questions...

Can I buy a green pickup cover for the Fernandes?

Or can I buy a pickup cover for the Fernandes and paint it?

Can I paint an EMG pickup?

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That's what I like to hear!

Can you tell me what kind of paint is good on plastic?

Also, can you tell me where I might be able to purchase a green humbucker cover? I've looked quite a bit over the past few days... Seems even allparts doesn't have them...

Thanks alot for answering, this is my first project guitar, and I know I'll be needing even more help!

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