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Caribbean woods for neck building

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Hi, in my guitar project I'm in the process of starting my neck building and had here some woods I think I can use for it,

They are Peltogyne Spp. (Nazareno / Purpleheart) and Quebracho or Algarrobo (Lysiloma divaricatum)

Both are very hard an beautifull woods

Are the good for neckbuilding? are they too hard?

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but the question is, Can I use it for building a neck?

Purpleheart is the second hardest comertial wood in my country, been Quebracho the hardest. We have a wood we call Vera, thar is the hardest wood we have, but it's so hard that is almost imposible to work with

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I have seen purpleheart necks before, so I know it can be done. I even saw one with a flatsawn purpleheart fretboard, on a Quartersawn purpleheart neck. I got to play that one, and it felt really nice. A bit thinner than I like my necks, but it had a great feel. I might try using it for my next project, but currently, I have no experience with it.

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Purpleheart is a great wood for necks, especially for laminated necks. I've heard, second-hand, that it may give a "bright" trebly-sounding guitar. There is some variation between species within the genus (I'm sure you know more about them than I do) but the purpleheart I've worked is great.

It can be hard to work with hand tools. It is slow work to sand it down if you have a fair amount of wood to remove. It takes glue well and seems very stable. Some people have used it for fretboards. Take your time routing it and remove only a little wood at each pass of the router. As you may know, the wood often turns brown as it is sanded and then in a few days the surface regains its beautiful violet color. Beautiful stuff!

I've got a purpleheart-maple-purpleheart laminated neck glued up to make a bolt-on (looks good so far, staying nice and straight) and I put a big block of purpleheart down the center of the body of another guitar.

I know nothing about the other wood you mentioned, though.

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